Double your Kubernetes EFFICIENCY and ensure PERFORMANCE

with autonomous, continuous, HPA-compatible workload rightsizing made EASY.  ...#wait, easy? 

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Policy Driven Cost Optimization on Kubernetes

Achieve automatic cost reductions by implementing Kyverno, Karpenter, and Optimize Live

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Maximize Density

Automatically rightsize over-provisioned containers with vertical autoscaling to increase density 50-70%, free up cluster capacity, and control cloud costs by eliminating thousands of dollars per node in wasted CPU and memory.

Ensure Application Performance

Prevent CPU throttling and OOMs with automatic upscaling of undersized workloads and with horizontal pod autoscaling (HPA) replication to meet sharp demand spikes.

Free Your Devs

Save app teams from the cognitive load and toil of infrastructure sizing with continuous day 2 (and 3, 4, 5….) workload discovery and rightsizing based on real-world utilization data.

Forget It's There

Put estate-wide rightsizing on autopilot with hands-free lifecycle automation, from pod auto-discovery to continuous application of optimized settings.

Fast from Start to Scale


Get Started

2 minutes

  • Login
  • Install Agent


Get Comfortable

1 week for accurate recommendations

  • Review recommendations
  • Approve one-time apply for select pods
  • Observe results, build trust

Optionally (e.g. high-profile and outlier workloads) select pre-built optimization profiles and simple guardrails


Get on with your life fast as you'd like

  • Enable Autonomous Mode
    • For select workloads,
    • then an entire cluster,
    • then more clusters

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Start getting resizing recommendations minutes from now

Start a TrialEnter SandboxWatch an Install (2 minutes)

Free trial includes full version on 1 cluster for 30 days