Yes, We Can All Laugh Like Santa Today!

On this 11th day of Kubernetes, we can all take a deep breath and let out a big HO-HO-HO! We keep things light-hearted today and lean into the humorous side of Kubernetes technology with an unforgettable performance by corporate comedian Don McMillan.

Holiday Quiz

Beloved actor Alan Rickman played a bit of a heel in the 2003 holiday film Love Actually. This was not his first time playing a morally dubious character, nor was it his first holiday movie. Which of these roles was?

(Answer is at the bottom of this page)

  1. Professor Snape – Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone
  2. Hans Gruber – Die Hard
  3. Judge Turpin – Sweeny Todd
  4. Alexander Dane – Galaxy Quest
  5. Sheriff George of Nottingham – Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves

        There's Nothing Funny About Poorly-Performing K8s Performance

        Congratulations ! You’ve almost made it through another year of technology, business and personal challenges. And you’ve also successfully navigated your way through 10 days of StormForge fun and games – and have hopefully learned a little bit about Kubernetes along the way. To continue the joy in learning, we asked corporate comedian Don McMillan to join us today for a hilarious, yet educational, discussion about Kubernetes and the reasons why StormForge is so special in this important technology space. 

        Don has been featured on The Tonight Show, HBO, and Comedy Central. He was also named #1 Corporate Comedian by the CBS Business Network. Come for the fun. Stay for the fun. Watch the video! 🙂

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        “Determining how combinations of Kubernetes and application settings affect an application’s behavior is a task too complex for people-driven processes. StormForge cuts to the chase by simulating, testing and iterating configurations under load and applying machine learning to arrive at a limited set of possibilities that meet customer objectives.”

        Holiday Quiz Answer:

        2. Hans Gruber – Die Hard

        Die Hard wasn’t just his first turn as a villain and his first holiday movie, it was also his feature film debut! 

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