The Next Best Thing to Santa’s Workshop

We know it’s a little early, but we just couldn’t wait to give you a little holiday present – a FREE hands-on Kubernetes workshop! This event, driven by StormForge’s Kubernetes experts, is designed to Turn Your .NET Frustrations into Triumph with an ML-Based Approach.

You get the gift of knowledge AND hands-on experience that you can use to eliminate Kubernetes frustrations and be jolly year-round. When you’re happier, the people in your work and family life are probably going to be happier as well… so it’s a gift that keeps on giving!

Holiday Quiz

The Emmy and Peabody Award-winning classic animated special A Charlie Brown Christmas debuted in 1965. This lovable jazz-filled children’s program has been a staple on American airwaves ever since. But which industry did the show inadvertently nearly destroy?

(Answer is at the bottom of this page)

  1. Electric blankets
  2. Polyester shirts
  3. Artificial (aluminum) trees
  4. Dog biscuits
  5. Toy guns


      StormForge Hands-On Kubernetes Optimization Workshop

      Why not take some time off from the holiday madness, warm up a flask of hot cocoa, then dive in with both hands! In this hands-on workshop, StormForge experts will help you learn how to painlessly tune your .NET apps running in Kubernetes with an ML-based approach

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      Holiday Quiz Answer:

      3. Artificial (aluminum) trees

      Aluminum trees were portrayed unfavorably in the show. This was, of course, in contrast to a weak, yet real tree that Charlie Brown buys, nurtures, and decorates beautifully.

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