Celebrate the Dog Days of Winter

(or Summer In the Southern Hemisphere)

We know, the Dog Days of Summer is a northern hemisphere saying and phenomenon – and not always a fun reference. But with Datadog as a trusted vendor and partner, there’s a good reason that the Dog Days are something to celebrate on this fourth Day of Kubernetes – make no bones about it! 

Holiday Quiz

In 1983’s A Christmas Story, what is the name of Ralphie’s turkey-loving, major award-winning father, whose tapestry of obscenities is still hanging in space over Lake Michigan?

(Answer is at the bottom of this page)

  1. Zachary Parker
  2. Rob Parker
  3. Jean Parker
  4. Darren Parker
  5. Scott Parker

        StormForge and Datadog: Intelligent, Integrated Kubernetes Optimization

        Plenty of us treat dogs as our best friends. Well, StormForge is delighted to buck the trend, and include ourselves as one of dog’s best friends – Datadog in this case. And together, we’ve got plenty to bark and wag our tails about!

        StormForge leverages the wealth of data you’re already collecting from Datadog to turn observability into actionability. Our integration enables StormForge to access metrics collected by Datadog and, using machine learning, provide recommended configuration changes and intelligent action that will minimize resource waste and improve performance.

        Learn more about how to get the most out of your Datadog investment with StormForge.

        Sign up for a FREE 15-day StormForge product trial during the 12 Days of Kubernetes and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

        “We’re excited to partner with StormForge. By connecting Datadog’s infrastructure observability data with StormForge’s machine learning intelligence, customers can achieve greater Kubernetes resource optimization and confidence that their applications are operating at peak efficiency.”


        Holiday Quiz Answer:

        Sorry gang, but we couldn’t resist. This was a trick question! Ralphie’s father was never named, Darren McGavin’s character was simply known as Ralphie’s “Old Man”! 

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