Miracles Do Happen: Seeing is Believing

We’ve spent the past few days talking about Kubernetes efficiency and optimization (because we’re sure those are among this year’s hottest holiday party topics :slightly_smiling_face:). Now on this 6th day of Kubernetes it’s time to actually see the magic of automated Kubernetes resource optimization in action. Read on!

Holiday Quiz

In the holiday classic, Jingle All The Way, Arnold Schwarzenegger’s character hunts down the hard-to-find Turbo Man action figure for his son. Everyone wants Turbo Man, but his sidekick… not so much. What was his sidekick’s name? (Answer is at the bottom of this page)

  1. Comet the Super-Horse
  2. Hairball the Tabby Cat
  3. Beppo the Super-Monkey
  4. Jason Todd
  5. Booster the Pink Tiger

        StormForge Optimize Live

        Experience it Now

        Over the past few days you’ve been introduced to some innovative ways to reduce cloud waste and optimize Kubernetes resources. Now you can witness the intelligence and efficiency of StormForge through our user interface.

        This demo of StormForge Optimize Live walks you through ML-driven Kubernetes resource optimization in a production environment.

        CostLatencyRecommendedOptimalBaselineTrialCurrent ConfigurationOptimal Configuration54%Avg. Cloud Cost ReductionOPTIMAL CONFIGURATION45%Avg. PerformanceImprovementOPTIMAL CONFIGURATION

        Sign up for a FREE 15-day StormForge product trial during the 12 Days of Kubernetes and you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a $100 Amazon gift card!

        “If you’re not autoscaling, or you’re autoscaling with a huge amount of overhead, you’re spending way more money than you ought to be. What StormForge promises is to be able to intelligently, using a machine learning algorithm, autoscale systems. StormForge really wowed the Cloud Field Day audience with this.”

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        Holiday Quiz Answer:

        5. Booster the Pink Tiger. Nobody likes Booster.

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