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On this Eighth Day of Kubernetes, we’ll explore the world of K8s from a customer perspective. We’ll see how Acquia, a customer for both StormForge and Amazon EKS, was able to automate the process of achieving and maintaining Kubernetes resource efficiency at scale – to meet the right-sizing needs of thousands of customers.

Holiday Quiz

The 2002 holiday movie Eight Crazy Nights was comedian Adam Sandler’s first animated feature film. The movie, a musical comedy, received one type of award and was nominated for another. What were the two awards, respectively?

(Answer is at the bottom of this page)

  1. Grammy and Oscar
  2. Kids’ Choice Award and Razzie
  3. Razzie and Grammy
  4. Emmy and Golden Globe
  5. Razzie and Golden Globe

Kubernetes Optimization at Scale

With open source Drupal at its core Acquia empowers global organizations to create digital customer experiences that matter.

Hear CEO Charley Dublin explain how StormForge’s intelligent machine learning helped Acquia automatically optimize application resource configurations and right-size capacity to support customer applications, while also scaling as needed based upon each application’s consumption requirements.

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“The machine learning talent that StormForge brings to the table is world class. I’ve run machine learning and data science teams, and they’re in the top 1% of any team that I’ve worked with in terms of their expertise.

We’d heard lots of promises from other companies, so we put the StormForge team through the ringer to validate the solution across many use cases. They came out well ahead of any metric we put forth, even well ahead of claims that they had coming into the engagement.”


Holiday Quiz Answer:

2. Kids’ Choice Award (Winner) and Razzie (Nominee)

The movie was clearly loved by some and intensely disliked by others. That audience sentiment also applied to Sandler, who was nominated for two Razzies that year.

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