Since our inception, feedback has always been key to the growth and development of StormForge. It informs where we focus our efforts, guides our investment in platform development, and ensures that we are acutely tuned in to, and aligned with, the needs of our customers. One of the most exciting parts about our organization’s growth is that we have more opportunities than ever to engage with prospects, and customers, who are interested in using our technology. In addition to receiving validation for what we’re doing and how we’re doing it, keeping our ears and minds open has also given us a unique opportunity to essentially crowdsource new ideas and enhancements. In fact, it was those interactions and conversations that led us to build Optimize Live.

The launch of Optimize Live in February was the next step in our efforts to enable developers to work intelligently and effortlessly across development lifecycles. We heard how adding intelligence to the data that observability tools are gathering would help customers be more proactive – taking observability to actionability. So, we decided to focus our teams on helping to solve that by going a level deeper. With the addition of Optimize Live, StormForge informs, optimizes, and operates throughout the entire cloud-native development cycle for developers and operations managers who require an intelligent and comprehensive platform that maximizes their returns on Kubernetes investments.

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I believe that the addition of Optimize Live to our platform alongside Optimize Pro, demonstrates our team’s ability to find the balance between innovation and growth. We’ve never taken a ‘build it and they will come’ approach to the business. Instead, we set out to identify the right set of pain points and then connect those with the market opportunity. We’ve been able to do that by continuing to execute on what we were doing in a pre-production environment. That brought tremendous opportunity and the natural progression to applying our technology and learnings to production. Our customers are now able to significantly reduce the amount of time and effort to see value from StormForge – what was once measured in weeks is now measured in days and even, in some cases, hours from the time you start using our technology.

It’s exciting, and gratifying, to see that come together. And it would not be possible without our amazing customers, team, board, and investors.

Our organization’s evolution has also led to an expansion of our team, most recently with the addition of a new CTO, Patrick Bergstrom. Patrick will be helping to scale the organization from a technology perspective by leveraging his twenty-plus years around growth and, in particular, observability and APM tools. The idea that Optimize Live can intuitively connect to APM and observability tools was really exciting to Patrick, who brings a unique background and experience to our leadership team.

As we start to work with some of the largest enterprise organizations around the globe, Patrick’s experience building out SRE and engineering organizations in Fortune 100 companies will be invaluable to helping us through the scale process. He speaks our customers’ language and has been in their shoes, so he understands the challenges you face every day, not only from a StormForge perspective, but also through the lens of a digital transformation strategy.

Welcoming Patrick as CTO is one more piece of the puzzle coming together and complements the strong go-to-market leadership team we’ve built in the past year. Dave Keil has also joined our Board of Directors, bringing with him extensive board and C-level experience that is aligned with our growth trajectory, and we are investing in the right areas to take advantage of the opportunities before us.

We look forward to continuing to hold to our 30% guarantee – you won’t save less than 30% when working with StormForge – and going beyond the application layer, where we currently provide value through load and performance tests, as well as telemetry and observability data. We’re adding traces and logs and OS kernel data, and we’ll add other inputs to our machine learning, allowing customers to see increased value across a broader range of environments. Our plans include releasing the intelligent scaling part of our platform, which works with VPA in a Kubernetes environment to add capabilities that optimize and tune the HPA simultaneously. StormForge will also be expanding our global presence, particularly in Europe. Of course, throughout all of this activity and expansion, our customers will continue to play an active and vital role in shaping our future.

We’ve assembled an incredibly talented team at StormForge, brought differentiated and real technology to market, and solved challenging business problems. It’s been an exciting time and we know that the next year brings new opportunities to collaborate with our customers and deliver forward-thinking solutions to improve application performance and cost-efficiency in cloud-native environments. I remain extremely confident that the best is yet to come from and for StormForge.