I am really excited to join the Carbon Relay team as chief sales officer and wanted to take a few moments to share why.

After eight very fulfilling years at Acquia, I was looking for a rapidly growing company that I could help accelerate. For anyone who has been fortunate enough to participate in building successful businesses there are a few common traits that you look for. Those are clearly in place at Carbon Relay. Let me explain more.

Firstly, the team. This team is really smart. As a go-to-market leader, it’s wonderful to find a company that is made up of exceptionally clever people. The combination of product management expertise, machine learning scientists and software engineers is impressive. Related to this is the culture that permeates through the organization: integrity, trust and empowerment. On top of that is the unwavering support of Insight Partners, which has made a strong commitment to the firm. Having their expertise to draw upon and collaborate with only reinforces the opportunity.

Secondly, the technology. Red Sky Ops was born out of the very real challenges that arise in operating and running Kubernetes at scale. What began in the lab with countless iterations, has emerged as an incredibly innovative technology that uses machine learning to continuously tune and optimize applications running on Kubernetes. It’s that algorithm, along with our team’s deep understanding of use of Kubernetes in production, which is the competitive advantage we bring to the market. And as we grow Carbon Relay and more organizations participate, they will have the opportunity to benefit from the increased learning of the product.

Thirdly, the timing. Since Google released Kubernetes as open source through the Cloud Native Computing Foundation in 2015, the platform has been rapidly adopted by organizations around the world. It delivers unmatched scale and reliability of workloads. Today the industry is seeing the steep rise in the numbers of organizations participating and adopting Kubernetes. For just one measure of the enthusiasm around Kubernetes, consider that the KubeCon+CloudNativeCon event in San Diego last year attracted 12,000 attendees, a 50% increase on the previous year.

At Carbon Relay we have a tremendous opportunity to help organizations around the world intelligently optimize their Kubernetes application performance. This will mean that application service level agreements can be met, that inherent risks in scaling operations can be mitigated and that developer productivity can deliver far higher yields. On top of this, costs can be optimized to ensure efficiency and effectiveness. In looking forward, we envisage a world where every customer gets value from including Red Sky Ops as a step in their CI/CD pipeline process: every application tuned and optimized intelligently and easily.

As we build the sales team, it’s clear that the opportunity is enormous. And my commitment is to build a team that is courageous, trustworthy and energized. I am confident that we can achieve tremendous success for our customers, partners, investors and team mates. I look forward to having you join me in the journey.