We’re excited to announce that StormForge has been selected AIOps Platform of the Year by the highly reputed AI Breakthrough Awards program. With the recent unveiling of StormForge Optimize Live, which added observability data as a new input analyzed by our machine learning engine, clearly the hard work we’ve put in to build an intelligent, automated solution has come to fruition at just the right time and is paying off for customers. 

Kubernetes deployments at scale are only getting harder and more complex. There’s a lot of talk about using intelligent optimization to simplify these deployments but there aren’t enough solutions that embody the features and promise of AI and machine learning. That’s why StormForge has been such a breakthrough. 

Winning this award is a significant milestone for StormForge. We’d like to pause and express our gratitude for the people who helped make StormForge the leading cloud native resource scaling and optimization solution on the market today: our customers, our partners and our team.

Our customers continue to expand the boundaries of Kubernetes deployments, which has pushed our StormForge team to up-level our game and accommodate new capabilities to meet the demands of customer innovation. And this was only made possible by tight collaboration with key technology ecosystem partners, including cloud providers, observability solution vendors, Kubernetes management platform providers and more. Thanks to you all! 

The AI Breakthrough Awards panel of judges ranked nominees based on the following criteria. 

  • Innovation
  • Performance
  • Ease of Use and Manageability
  • Functionality 
  • Value
  • Impact

We couldn’t be more proud of the work we’ve accomplished together to achieve excellence in each of these areas. 

Cheers to you, our community of customers, partners and team members. We look forward to continuing our important work in the realm of AI to simplify the lives of individuals and businesses in cloud-native environments.