Kubernetes has no lack of nautical analogies, but what about other biomes? It’s not a stretch to compare the Kubernetes ecosystem to the expanse and dangers of the savanna, which is exactly what StormForge open source advocate, Noah Abrahams, will do during his KubeCon talk, A Safari of Kubernetes and its Natural Habitat, on October 13 at 11:55 am PT. 

Noah will take attendees on a journey to visit some of the inhabitants of the Cloud Native savanna, including its natural predators. Community members will learn the warning cries of an ever alert Prometheus and watch as the cluster is hunted by a gaggle of red teamers, while they all try to drink from the same data lake. This talk will be a whimsical introduction into the daily life of Kubernetes and production deployment challenges faced by all of us. 

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While Kubernetes is firmly entrenched in our lives, much of the ecosystem growing up around it is still maturing. This trend is evidenced by a variety of different tools and offerings in the market today, but an integrated platform approach is likely to win. When we’re able to easily achieve everything that Kubernetes promises, we will all be able to build and sustain our enterprises on our terms. The savanna will be a resource-rich, environmentally friendly oasis that we make our home. 

But first, we must navigate and explore what’s right in front of us. It’s full of Jumanji-like adventures, some are fun and some are quite dangerous. Noah is looking forward to being your guide. See you in Los Angeles to experience this talk in person or virtually.

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