Image of Product UI samples announcing StormForge 1.9

Version 1.9 of the StormForge Optimize controller is now generally available. This release includes new capabilities that make it easier and faster to generate experiments and implement recommendations to optimize your application.

This blog describes highlights of version 1.9. For complete release notes, see our release page.

Experiment File Generation

We’ve introduced a simple way to generate an experiment file for your application using a declarative application configuration file. This enables you to get up and running optimizing your first app free for life quickly while also unlocking the ability to automatically collect your baseline as well as export the manifests of any trial from the command line.

All you need is to define an application file that specifies the location of your application resources, what you want to optimize for, and the location of your load test (either using Locust or StormForge Performance Test) and then redskyctl generate experiment will take care of the rest. Once you generate your experiment file, you still maintain all of the same flexibility to customize metrics, parameters, constraints, and more. Follow our tutorial to get started.


For every experiment, our machine learning now calculates a single recommended configuration, while still offering alternative optimal solutions to pick from. This makes it easy to quickly get an optimized configuration into production, while still giving you full control. If you have baseline values for all of your parameters set in your experiment file, you can easily compare the difference from your baseline configuration to our recommendation by viewing your results in the summary page.

screenshot of Recommendations in StormForge UI

Export trial

While viewing results of an experiment you will have the ability to simply click “export config” and run the command revealed in your command line. This will produce application manifests with the parameters pre-set from the configuration you chose, making it easy to save the file to wherever you manage the resources for your application.

screenshot of Export Trial modal in StormForge UI

Putting it all together

The 1.9 release makes it simple and efficient to feel confident you are going to production with a right-sized application.