If you follow Kubernetes news, you might have heard about the new Datadog and StormForge integration that was announced within the past couple of weeks. With this collaboration StormForge empowers Datadog customers to transform observability insights into intelligent, automated action that improves resource utilization, application performance and cost-efficiency. In case you missed it, here’s the press release to get you caught up. As a long-time marketing guy, I have to confess that I’ve propagated my share of hyperbole to the technology world – but only when I was confident that the core message was substantive and the claims could be substantiated. 

It’s one thing to say “we’re amazing” when you have no validation to back it up. It’s just an opinion. But it’s another thing when you say “we’re amazing” and at least 2 other companies who are undisputed leaders – like Datadog and AWS – believe you, want to partner with you, and then collaborate with you to tightly integrate your products. Yeah it’s still an opinion, but now it has the weight of credibility and validation that keeps it from floating off and joining the clouds of marketing fluff that constantly billow around us. 

Each step in the Datadog partnership increases StormForge’s credibility AND our ability to help Datadog customers – thousands of them. The press release above tells you what we’ve announced, the solution brief explains the value of the integration, the integration blog tells you what this means for Datadog (and StormForge) customers and our new integration demo shows you how the technologies work together and how to get set up with just a few steps. 

Take a couple of minutes, watch the demo, and see why a statement such as “StormForge is the best in Kubernetes application optimization” rings true. And by teaming up with Datadog, the leader in cloud-scale application monitoring, you get the best of observability and actionability – all from your Datadog dashboard. Take the next step toward maximizing your ROI on Kubernetes investments. You’ve got nothing to lose – except the unnecessary weight of wasted resources. Check out the integration demo video and get started with Datadog and StormForge now. We’re confident that you’ll want to see a live demo next!