VHS machine with VHS tape

Even before rebranding as StormForge, one of the core values of this company has always been a sense of commitment to the community, and by extension, to Open Source Software as an ideal.  Matching that ideal with our team’s mission of preventing application performance issues through integration of testing and optimization into an application’s release cycle, we used the weekend before Kubecon to soft-launch a previously internal project as an Open Source project, currently using the temporary placeholder name of VHS.

This project was started to fill a need related to our performance testing and optimization portfolio, namely, accurate load generation.  As you might have guessed from the placeholder name of VHS, this project has been used for recording and replaying traffic, but with a plugin-based any-to-any ideology.  It exists in order to provide load generation that is in line with actual live production usage, so performance testing can match against reality instead of just an educated guess.

We have had various open source offerings in the past, but as we take our Open Source Strategy to the next level, we’re releasing this one as a fully community-driven project.  To show we’re serious about the community getting involved, we want the community at large to have the chance to rename the project.  The name VHS wouldn’t be particularly easy to find in a Google search, anyway, and the acronym is already taken in most places that matter, so the rename will be happening sooner rather than later.  

Getting Involved

If you’ve ever wanted to get involved in the very beginning of a project and community taking shape, here’s your opportunity.  Everyone that gets involved will be able to participate in the renaming during Q1 of 2021.  Where the project goes after that, however, is also entirely up to the community.

Would you like to record the traffic of your database performance testing, while storing it in an S3 bucket for playback?  How about an entire session of smoke testing your shopping cart, saved to a mounted disk for your Gitlab runners to reuse?  Maybe you’d like to help us also point it at the backend of the applications instead, so we can simulate your network-attached database, complete with network drops, to see if your app can handle inconsistency?  

Because of the any-to-any framework, all of the above scenarios, from new load testing methodologies to service virtualization, are possible with enough hands to help out.  Does any of that sound interesting to you?  Would you like to come help shape those options and/or work on the implementation of them?  If so, then you should come join our open source project at https://github.com/rename-this/vhs, and our mailing list at https://groups.google.com/g/vhs-pre-rename-launch.  We’ll be setting up public meetings to talk about the project in Q1, and we hope to see many of you there!

If you’d like to learn more about the soon-to-be-renamed VHS project and any other Open Source projects we’re working on, visit our website at https://www.stormforge.io/developers/community/ and we hope you’ll join us on GitHub, our public Slack, and our community mailing list!

Welcome to the community!