StormForge has recently joined the ranks of Kubernetes Certified Service Providers (KCSP). Not only is it important to us as a company, but we also felt it was important for you, our community, audience, and customers, to understand why it matters to us.

First of all, there’s plenty of advantages, in addition to the reason we really wanted to pursue it. Yes, it’s a selling point, and as a vendor, we love being listed on the landscape. Yes, as a competitive advantage, it’s a leg up on those who don’t have the certification, and it evens out the playing field against those who do. And yes, we think it looks great listed on our website.

Not Just a Selling Point – It is a Cloud Native Commitment

It’s more than just business, though, for us at StormForge. We care about the world at large, and want to make the biggest impact possible, both environmentally and financially. Cloud Native and its associated projects offer us the biggest opportunity, when compared with any other set of technology, to cut into the bottom line on both monetary costs and ecological footprint for current technology. From a technical perspective, Kubernetes’ control methods provide us with the ability to manage resource utilization in all forms. So, in line with our commitment to reducing waste and helping the environment, we see that being on the front line of the Cloud Native ecosystem, with both its technical features and its widespread adoption, is the most direct technological alignment we can have towards making an impact in these areas.

In part of being on that forefront, we want to promote the individual projects that have the greatest surface area for impactfulness, starting with Kubernetes, but we also want to be pushing this whole ecosystem forward. We see the best way to move that needle forward is hand in hand with the community at large. For StormForge, the KCSP certification is a line in the sand that showcases our commitment to doing exactly that.

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Our CKA’s are at the Heart of StormForge

Taking to heart the spirit of the KCSP, though, the presence of our CKAs (Certified Kubernetes Administrators) is felt in more than just consulting engagements. Our CKAs are spread across diverse functions throughout the company. Examples include:

  • Brad Ascar – Leading our product team and working on usage patterns
  • Cody Crudgington – Running our services org, helping our new and existing community members achieve great successes
  • Richard Wang – Interfacing with potential community members every day as part of our sales org

In this way, we’ve made the presence of the CKAs part of every aspect of our day to day business.

This integration across the business allows our dedication to the Cloud Native ecosystem to shine through in everything we do. It allows those in every aspect of our business to speak and make decisions with understanding of the functionality and difficulties that arise from being an operator or developer in a Kubernetes-based environment. For that reason we also intend to keep growing the number of CKAs present throughout the business in various roles, so that the information and experience helps steer our complete alignment with the Cloud Native ecosystem.

If you would like to learn more about how integral we see this ecosystem is to our own business, we invite you to join us for any of our numerous webinars, fireside chats, or a product demo. We’ll be happy to show you just how much Cloud Native means to us.