When AWS Graviton3 processors were introduced, it promised a major leap in performance and capabilities, and the best price/performance, for customers with workloads running in Amazon EKS. Since then, Google Cloud and Azure have also announced ARM VMs, using chips from Ampere for GKE and AKS respectively.

But this move to ARM has also raised a new challenge: In order to realize the performance gains and cost savings that can come from reduced compute, you need to know how to provision resources (and how much compute you will need) to optimize workloads on your hardware. Unfortunately, because this is a new and different environment for your applications, there is no way to know that other than trial and error. That means that the very reasons you are migrating to ARM instances – increased performance and reduced cost – will remain elusive until you figure this out.

Here’s where StormForge helps.

With support for ARM processors, StormForge Optimize Live delivers intelligent optimization for cloud native production environments to deliver value faster. Optimize Live assesses workloads and performance of applications on the new ARM instances and helps you optimize compute to realize the performance and cost savings you’re after.

What does that mean for your workloads and your organization?

  • For organizations that have migrated, or want to migrate, to ARM processors, Optimize Live further increases the improvements and gains you can achieve by recommending the most efficient way to provision resources and optimize compute.
  • For customers that are already leveraging StormForge Optimize Live to improve application performance and cost efficiency in cloud native environments, you already have what you need to confidently take advantage of migrating to ARM instances.

ARM Processors Compatibility for Optimized Application and Infrastructure Efficiency

Optimize Live provides simple, fast deployment and leverages observability data already being collected to keep applications running optimally in production environments. Machine Learning delivers continuous optimization of production applications running on ARM VMs by recommending CPU and memory settings. And that means that you can improve efficiency of applications running in production, reducing resource usage and cost without sacrificing application performance or reliability.

Discover how Optimize Live supports ARM processors to deliver decreased cloud costs and improved performance.

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