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Performance analysis and load testing for DevOps

StormForge’s Sebastian Cohnen speaks about “Last- und Performancetests in der Cloud?!” (EN: “Why Load & Perfomance Testing the Cloud?”) at DevOpsCon 2016 in Berlin. The talk sums up what to expect and what to take care of if you do performance analysis and load tests of systems hosted in cloud environments.

The talk was filmed by the DevOpsCon team.

„Die Cloud skaliert doch für uns“: Warum das falsch ist und ihr Performance-Tests machen solltet

[EN] “The Cloud scales for us”: Why this is wrong and you should do performance tests

As the article is in german here is a short summary:

The article refers to a talk which Sebastian Cohnen had at DevOpsCon 2016 in Berlin. The author reflects on Sebastian’s description why it is important to run performance tests in the cloud and which methods can be used (stress testing, scalability testing, configuration testing, etc.).

In this press article, Sebastian Cohnen explains how important it is to have a good understanding of the environment when developing, operating, and assuring quality in modern applications and architectures – whether you are in the cloud or not. He states that performance tests offer a collection of tools to build this understanding and describes how to start.

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