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Case Study

Magento 2 Performance Optimization

Ensure customer success by identifying and eliminating performance issues ahead of time

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Quick Facts

  • Magento 2 shop running on AWS
  • High traffic by TV broadcast
  • Quick feedback while testing and optimizing
  • Verifying changes and quantify improvements
  • Cost-effective solution

This case study was done with our partner root360. root360 is using StormForge to assess and improve performance aspects for their customers. In this case study, root360 outlines the process and success applying performance testing with StormForge to one of their customers.

“StormForge is the perfect tool to help you forging an infrastructure and application that withstands every traffic storm.”

Andreas Ulm

Senior Cloud Architect

In August 2018, a large German TV station launched a new web shop which focuses primarily on merchandise goods for current shows and was powered by Magento 2. With StormForge’s performance testing SaaS we succeeded in optimizing and validating the setup. Last not least, the managed cloud hosting offerings by Amazon Web Services proved as a perfect fit for our customers needs.

Load-Testing Setup & Instant Feedback Findings

Over 26,000 visitors and 800 orders per minute – these were some of the key requirements that were established after combining the expected target audience and reach with the expected conversion rate. The TV station had concrete non-functional requirements which translated to four different user journeys, each describing a flow through the shop. These figures formed the basis for the performance and load tests and were extrapolated.

We conducted the first test runs to develop and verify the test case itself making sure everything works as expected. Next we ran a series of tests with increased load levels up to the expected maximum.

Since StormForge offers instant feedback on performance measurements for all tests, we were quickly able to identify and implement important optimizations: We migrated media assets (images, videos, JavaScript and CSS) to Amazon CloudFront and improved caching by introducing Redis and local page caches. Further findings lead to sizing and cache configuration adjustments to optimize MySQL running on Amazon Relational Database Service (RDS).

StormForge tests can be executed easily and reproducible, which made it straightforward to verify all changes and measure the impact on the system under test. Using this feedback loop the system gradually got to the point where everything worked perfectly.

Performance Optimization Summary

Important performance issues where identified by StormForge performance tests which could be addressed ahead of time. Without these adjustments the shop would not have been able to hold up to the high traffic during broadcasting.

Based on the load tests our customer was able to determine the required scaling of the system and to utilize the elasticity of the AWS cloud by scaling out during shows and scaling back in afterwards. For the TV station this was the most cost-efficient and safest solution.

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