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Cloud Waste Reduction Guarantee

Reduce your cloud waste (and bill) by 30%, or we pay.

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With StormForge Optimize Pro, you can cut your cloud waste, lower your cloud bills and improve application performance, guaranteed.

StormForge Optimize Pro guarantees a minimal 30% reduction of your Kubernetes cloud application resource costs.

If our savings do not match the promised 30%, our CEO, Matt Provo, will:

  • Pay the difference toward your cloud bill for 1 month (up to $50,000/customer) AND
  • Donate the equivalent amount to a green charity of your choice.

Green Charity Choices:

Please see the Terms and Conditions for details and limitations.

Did you know...

Companies wasted over $17 billion in cloud spend on idle resources last year

Data Centers represent 3% of the world’s total energy consumption

Most organizations find as much as 40% of their cloud spend is wasted on over-provisioned and unused infrastructure

Data Centers emit nearly 100 million metric tons of CO2 annually

StormForge is leading the way to Reduce Cloud Waste through ML-Powered Optimization.

StormForge believes that environmental conservation does not have to hurt gross margins. In this case, they are mutually beneficial. With less energy consumed, the cost of cloud and the impact on the environment decreases.

That is a mutually green future.

We Guarantee That We Will Reduce Your Cloud Waste (and Bill) by 30% or We Pay.

It is almost guaranteed that your company is overspending on cloud for every K8s application you have right now.

The reason is simple, complexity. Kubernetes is powerful with incredible potential, but it’s a complicated and difficult machine to operate manually.

Customer Results Within 30 Days:


Average Cloud Cost Reduction


Average Performance Improvement


Reduction of Developer Troubleshooting Time


Reduction of Deployment Failures