Who is StormForge

The StormForge team is comprised of world-class data scientists, machine learning experts and seasoned DevOps engineers. Collaborating in uniquely productive ways that bridge the worlds of business and academia, we build products that drive operational improvements through better software performance and more effective resource utilization.

Our Mission

StormForge is set apart by its unwavering focus on building AI-powered software products that are designed to help people, not replace them. StormForge’s solutions uniquely occupy a middle ground between machine and human intelligence where they leverage the strengths of both for maximum effectiveness.

Our exceptionally intelligent and talented team members are driven by their desire to learn continuously and their commitment to solving pressing problems. Independent thinkers and collaborative self-starters, our team has fostered a culture in which the primary driver is the power of ideas. They firmly believe that with the right ideas and proper execution, commercial success naturally follows. This unconventional team takes great pride in crafting solutions that reflect their world-class skills in machine learning and software engineering. This approach results in elegant and practical products that help people solve their most complex and stubborn operational problems in user-friendly ways

That is both our mission and the StormForge difference.

Our Passion

StormForge grew out of the team’s direct experience managing the complexity of Kubernetes applications in enterprise environments. Similarly, StormForge was conceived by team members who directly experienced the difficulties of running data centers reliably, while also trying to cut energy costs and emissions.

Knowing there were better ways brought our mission into focus. StormForge combines machine learning and other advanced technologies in industry-first products that solve complex operational problems by optimizing infrastructure and maximizing energy efficiency.

Meet the Team

Here are key people who make things happen in our company every day. We believe that technology can help solve our toughest operational challenges, and we’re building those solutions at StormForge.

These highly accomplished people help us to formulate StormForge’s strategic objectives, guide our efforts, and keep us on target to achieve our goals.

Our Advisory Board brings a broad range of skilled experts providing invaluable support to our team.

Driving the next generation of digital business with AI and machine learning

Come be a part of it.