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Transforming Observability Insights into Intelligent Action

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StormForge and Datadog Integration

Datadog is the world’s leading monitoring service for cloud-scale applications. StormForge is the leader in Kubernetes application optimization. Together, these two leaders offer an outstanding integrated solution that helps organizations understand what’s going on in their complex multi-cloud environments. They can see exactly where actual or potential opportunities for optimization exist and what action is necessary to make that happen – with or without human intervention.   

StormForge leverages the wealth of data you’re already collecting from Datadog to turn observability into actionability. Our integration enables StormForge to access metrics collected by Datadog and, using machine learning, provide recommendations for configuration changes that will minimize resource waste and improve performance.

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Kubernetes complexity: How to optimize application performance and resource utilization while reducing cloud resource costs

Cloud-native Kubernetes applications have become core to business transformation and an organization’s ability to accelerate and improve service delivery and business agility.  At the same time, cloud native applications, containers, and Kubernetes have also introduced complexity that often hinders scalability and performance. This complexity has led developers to frequently over-provision resources beyond what is actually needed to deliver reliable, stable performance for a positive user experience – which drives up costs and diminishes the savings that cloud can offer. 

The increased complexity of managing virtual machines, containers and applications requires new technologies to ensure smooth operation, automation and performance that scales. This has led to a proliferation of tools that help identify and alert IT of issues affecting application performance. 

The  increased use of observability tools has resulted in an exponential growth in data collection and insight, however it’s not always clear what actions to take based on that data. Dashboards and greater visibility into the health of cloud native apps and Kubernetes environments have improved insights, but to truly get the most out of applications and investments, teams need to turn observability and insights into intelligent action.


Get the most out of your Datadog investment with StormForge

StormForge optimizes Kubernetes resources, application performance, and cost-efficiency. By recommending optimized configurations for Kubernetes applications, StormForge helps Datadog customers proactively and automatically ensure operational efficiency and intelligent business trade-offs between cost and performance without time-consuming, ineffective trial-and-error. StormForge even combines proactive non-production and production optimization in one Machine Learning-powered platform.

Screenshot of the StormForge Optimize Pro dashboard that proactively optimizes Kubernetes applications and their resources

StormForge Optimize Pro

StormForge Optimize Pro integrates with the Datadog platform to query metrics and drive intelligent business trade-offs through multi-dimensional application optimization. Optimize Pro rapidly conducts and analyzes experiments against hundreds of application parameters in your non-production environment so that cross-functional stakeholders can understand and anticipate application performance and cost before deploying into production. This streamlined process boosts  operational efficiency and application reliability without time-consuming manual tuning.

StormForge Optimize Live

StormForge Optimize Live integrates with the Datadog platform to analyze observability data and optimize applications running in Kubernetes in near-realtime. By leveraging machine learning to adjust CPU and Memory parameters, Optimize Live reduces resource waste and ensures that applications request only the amount of resources they need based on actual activity, making the most of observability data already being collected.

StormForge intelligently and automatically analyzes, informs, optimizes, and operates throughout the entire cloud-native development cycle to help Datadog customers realize the promise of Kubernetes.


Higher resource efficiency

Eliminate cloud waste, reclaim resources and optimize cloud savings for Kubernetes workloads

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Consistent performance

Deliver application performance at scale, consistently meet SLOs and SLAs and improve user experience

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Faster time to value

Deploy easily, and eliminate cumbersome manual tuning with automated ML-driven resource optimization

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Better decisions

Combine powerful Datadog observability with StormForge ML-based analysis to dial-in optimal performance and cost-efficiency to meet business goals.


Purpose built for Kubernetes

The StormForge platform makes it easy to achieve Kubernetes cloud resource efficiency at scale by combining enterprise-grade performance testing with machine learning to optimize applications automatically. The result is a significant increase in Kubernetes application performance and developer velocity, with much lower costs.

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Holistic approach to optimization

StormForge simplifies optimization with a comprehensive approach that combines pre-production experimentation and scenario analysis with real-time configuration recommendations based on production data.

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Integrated approach that uses existing observability data

StormForge makes it easy to optimize your Kubernetes environment right from the Datadog dashboard. StormForge leverages Datadog data to accelerate intelligent action, enabling you to view ML-driven recommendations alongside the rest of your observability data, from a single pane of glass.

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Designed for simplicity and efficiency 

You can deploy StormForge in under an hour, and begin receiving recommendations based on production observability data in less than a day.

StormForge is available onthe Datadog Marketplace.

Automatically right-size Kubernetes Apps with and turn Observability into Actionability by leveraging our joint solution.

Our integration with Datadog enables StormForge to analyze metrics collected by Datadog and, through advanced machine learning, provide and apply recommendations that will minimize resource waste and improve performance.

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