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Don’t Just Test. Optimize.

Enterprise-grade Performance Testing with Automated Optimization for improved performance, stability and cost-efficiency.

Three steps to proactive performance management:

  1. Performance Testing. Incorporating load testing tools like JMeter into your QA process is a great step to help you understand how your apps will perform in production under load. 
  2. Application Optimization. While Performance Testing can help you understand how your apps will perform, they can’t tell you what to do about potential performance issues they detect. For this, we need optimization to show us the best way to deploy our apps for optimal performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. 
  3. Continuous Optimization. With the advent of DevOps and CI/CD, testing should no longer be an isolated, one-time event performed by a separate QA team. Teams should strive for a performance culture, with processes for testing evolving from reactive and siloed to a continuous, automatic process owned by dev teams.

StormForge: All-in-one performance testing and automated optimization

We built the StormForge platform as an all-in-one, automated solution for cloud-native performance testing and optimization. Powered by machine learning to cut through complexity, StormForge provides a foundation for Kubernetes success.

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Performance testing and optimization together

The StormForge Platform includes both performance testing and optimization. Additionally, StormForge allows you to capture real-world production traffic to feed into your load test for the most realistic testing possible. These capabilities work together seamlessly to create a virtuous cycle of testing, analyzing, optimizing, and refining.

Use your existing load tests, or use ours

Already invested a lot of time and effort into creating load tests with JMeter or another tool? Not to worry - StormForge can easily incorporate your existing load tests into the optimization process so you can get going quickly.

Multiple screenshots of the StormForge Kubernetes App Optimization dashboard, depicting multiple parameters and graphs

Powered by machine learning

StormForge uses machine learning to cut through cloud-native complexity. Our algorithms go way beyond human ability to automatically analyze your application and determine the optimal configuration based on your goals for performance, stability, and cost-efficiency.

Part of your CI/CD workflow

StormForge is designed with automation in mind, so you can easily build machine learning-powered continuous optimization into your CI/CD pipeline. Create Performance Tests as Code and execute automatically to ensure optimal performance as your environment evolves.

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Ignite Kubernetes Success & Crush Complexity

The StormForge Platform provides everything you need to ensure Kubernetes success. 

  • Cloud-native performance testing to provide a realistic view into how apps will perform under production load. 
  • Application optimization powered by machine learning, to find the optimal configuration to achieve your goals for performance, stability, and cost-efficiency.
  • Automation to build continuous optimization into your CI/CD workflow and create a performance culture.

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Discover how StormForge can help automatically improve application performance and cost efficiency in cloud native environments. 

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