Information Technology is at the core of all large organizations today and its quality affects the entire enterprise. Software teams want to deploy with confidence. Marketing enjoys happy users. Sales has an easier time convincing when they are convinced. Finance can demonstrate progress when a freed up budget enables new projects. And support can please more customers when quality-related tickets are minimized.

While these might be very different perspectives, they have one thing in common – everyone needs a clear understanding of a system’s behavior and to participate in its improvement. In this ebook we will touch on different motivations for this journey and describe important steps to build a performance and efficiency culture in a sustainable way.

By reading this ebook, you’ll learn…

  • Why cloud native and Kubernetes is a different animal when it comes to quality improvement
  • How automation enables lasting gains in terms of employee happiness and resource efficiency
  • What a performance and efficiency culture is and how to let it evolve

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