Fireside Chat with Kat Cosgrove

Gatekeeping in the Technology Industry

60 mins

This Fireside Chat is best for:

  • Hiring Managers in tech
  • Community Managers, Leaders and HR
  • Anyone helping Junior Engineers start their career

For this session of our Fireside Chat, we’ll be speaking with Kat Cosgrove, Developer Advocate at JFrog, as she talks about gatekeeping in the technology industry, and what we can all do to take a long hard look at the underlying problem: ourselves. Leave your preconceptions at the door, because this will be about more than just hiring.

We’ll be covering topics ranging from our own ingrained habits that we can change, and how to make the tech industry much more welcoming for the next generation of engineers, to underrepresented minorities and, yes, also hiring biases. We may also briefly talk about cast iron cookware.

The panelists will discuss:

  • Hiring and the mythical “pipeline problem”
  • Why does Cloud Native have a reputation for a high bar for entrance?
  • How do we all benefit by hiring junior engineers and helping them grow?

Featured Guest:

Headshot of Kat Cosgrove holding a cat

Kat Cosgrove
Developer Advocate

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Kat Cosgrove is a Developer Advocate at JFrog, and an actual cyborg. Her professional background has run the gamut from bartender, to video store clerk, to teacher, to software developer. She credits this wide-ranging experience for her success as a speaker, developer, and advocate. Her specialty is approachable 101-level content for junior developers or anyone else who considers themselves a newbie, with a particular focus on DevOps.

When she’s not building demos or at a conference, she spends her time playing video games, watching horror movies, and reading science fiction. She lives in Seattle with her cat, Espresso, who is the real brains behind the operation and actually ghostwriting all of her tweets.

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Hosted By:

Noah Abrahams

Noah Abrahams
Open Source Advocate

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Cody Crudgington

Cody Crudgington
Senior Consultant

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