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On-Demand Webinar

Hope Is Not A Strategy:

Automating Efficient Resource Utilization for SREs

45 mins

This webinar is best for:

    • SREs who want to automate the efficiency of their cloud-native applications.
    • Anyone looking to apply SRE principles and practices to ensure performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency of their apps running on Kubernetes.

As a Site Reliability Engineer, you understand the power of software and automation for solving complex problems. So why are your cloud-native applications still running at suboptimal efficiency, despite all your efforts?

The fact is, ensuring peak efficiency of apps running on Kubernetes is a really challenging problem to solve. The complexity of Kubernetes and containers makes it impossible for a human to effectively configure apps for deployment in a way that provides the best trade-off between cost, performance, and reliability. So, you’re left with a time-consuming, and ultimately ineffective, trial-and-error approach.

In this webinar, we’ll show how to apply SRE principles to the optimization of cloud-native apps running on Kubernetes to ensure peak efficiency.

What You'll Learn:

  • How machine learning can help to automate yourself out of the painful process of manual, trial-and-error application tuning.
  • How to empower your dev team to proactively ensure application performance, reliability, and cost-efficiency. 
  • How to build continuous optimization into your automated release process to save time and ensure every release performs at peak efficiency.

Featured Speakers:

Rich Bentley

Rich Bentley

Senior Director of Product Marketing

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Erwin Daria

Erwin Daria

Principal Sales Engineer

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