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Kubernetes, well-oiled!

Smoothly Running Kubernetes with AI and Olive Oil

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22 June 2022

5:00pm – 6:30pm CET

Like olive oil improves the health of your body, AI helps improve the health of your Kubernetes clusters.

Join us for an interactive virtual journey through Europe’s finest olive oil regions. Taste the distinctive history of Crete, Sicily, Catalunya and many more while learning how to recognize the quality of olive oil for everyday use. 

While resting your taste buds for a quick break, we will show you how easy it can be to improve the health of your Kubernetes cluster and optimize resource configuration with StormForge and AI.

Please note: This event is Europe-only! After registering you will receive a complete Tasting Set from our partner Try Foods. Any personal shipping information will be deleted from StormForge’s & Try Foods’s systems directly after the event.

Olive Oil tasting kit that will ship for this event. Includes 5 sample flavors, and informational pamphlet

Schedule of Events:

  • Guided olive oil tasting experience part 1 with Jörn Gutowski of Try Foods, Berlin 
  • StormForge presentation: How AI can be healthy for your Kubernetes Cluster
  • Guided olive oil tasting experience part 2 with Jörn Gutowski of Try Foods, Berlin


  • Sculpting kits will be provided (EU and UK only). Limited availability.
  • Must meet persona criteria: IT Leader, LOB Leader, Budget Owner, LoB Leader, Cloud Architect, VP of Dev, SRE, Product Manager Infrastructure, Performance or Kubernetes Engineer, DevOps, Data Scientist, Procurement, Application owner to receive a sculpting kit.

Try Foods will be mailing out a custom olive oil kit to your home prior to the event date. Because of shipping restrictions and timeframe for delivery, we are restricting this event to those within the European Union (EU) and UK. We require your mailing address for the dispatch of the olive oil sets. All your postal address data will be deleted after the event, both from the provider Try Foods and from StormForge.