There's Nothing Funny about Poorly Performing K8s Apps

with Comedian, Don McMillan

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The Funny Side of StormForge and Kubernetes

What do you get when you cross an Engineer with a stand-up comedian? You get Don McMillan. This former chip designer has been doing his one-of-a-kind, PowerPoint-Driven comedy show for corporate audiences for over 20 years – and now he turns his sights on Kubernetes! In his show packed with graphs & charts, Don will show you the funny side of your world that has been sitting right in front of you – you are just too busy working to notice it. Join us for lots of laughs and pick up a few jokes to take back to your job!

Take a well-deserved break because at this event, you will laugh & learn; a lighthearted discussion about:

  • Why the time for optimizing your Kubernetes environment is now.
  • How optimization can help to reduce cloud costs, improve application performance, and allow dev teams to focus on innovating..
  • How to turn observability into actionability using machine learning to provide actionable recommendations to improve efficiency by 50% or more.

      Schedule of Events:

      • Brief presentation by StormForge
      • Funnyman extraordinaire Don McMillan will keep us comically entertained during our lively and informative discussion about all this Kubernetes.

      About the Speaker

      Comedian Don McMillan on a stage speaking into a microphone

      Don McMillan

      Don McMillan graduated from Stanford University with a master’s degree in Electrical Engineering. He then went to work at AT&T Bell Labs where he was part of the team that designed the world’s first 32-bit microprocessor. He then moved to Silicon Valley where he helped launch the start-up company, VLSI Technology. At VLSI, he designed over 20 integrated circuit chips and was awarded 3 patents.

      Then after 15 years in the tech world, Don quit his job to become a stand-up comedian. That year he won $100,000 as the Comedy Grand Champion on “Star Search”. Don’s been seen on “The Tonight Show”, “HBO”, and “Comedy Central”. These days, Don spends most of his time writing and performing customized corporate comedy shows for companies like Google, Apple, IBM, Ford Motors, Exxon/Mobil and now StormForge!

      Don has performed more than 800 corporate shows in the last 20 years, and he was named the #1 Corporate Comedian by the CBS Business Network. Currently, you can check out his YouTube Channel at www.youtube.com/donmcmillancomedy