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Roundtable Discussion

Taming the Complexities of Kubernetes with AI

Thursday, March 11th | 1pm EST

90 mins

This Roundtable is best for:

  • Kubernetes Users

Kubernetes is a beast, but it doesn’t have to be. Join us for a Roundtable discussion about how to use AI and ML to solve your Kubernetes pain points. 

By harnessing the powers of AI and ML, Kubernetes becomes far less daunting and time-consuming, and can actually greatly simplify the complexity of your applications. Hear from our panelists about how scaling becomes more intuitive and less stressful, cloud resource quantities become more certain, cloud bills get slashed, and developers have time to work on other projects again, rather than fighting fires all the time.

The panelists will discuss:

  • The complexities of Kubernetes 
  • How organization are working with Kubernetes today
  • The challenges and specific pains experienced by our panelists
  • How much time, manpower, and resources go into solving these challenges, and what you can do to reduce that

We will also see live demonstrations of the Trilio and StormForge platforms, followed by open Q&A.

We’ve tamed Kubernetes, now you can too.

Featured Speakers:

Prashanto Kochavara
Director of Product, Kubernetes

Doug Levin

Doug Levin
Independent Board Member & Investor

Matt Provo

Matt Provo
Founder & CEO


Jonathan Phillips

Jonathan Phillips
Account Executive