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Triple 20 IT: How to Reduce Costs on Target while Increasing Speed and Quality

Featuring Benedikt Stemmildt, CTO at TalentFormation

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On a dartboard, the triple 20 is the square that gives the most points for a single dart throw, which is why most players always try to hit the triple 20. Of course, developers and engineers also try to get the most out of their applications and infrastructure with the least amount of effort. As with darts, precision and efficiency are key.

In our webinar ”Triple 20 IT – How to reduce costs on target while increasing speed and quality” you can learn how to efficiently reduce cloud costs with the help of some counterintuitive approaches and the latest advances in our machine-learning.

By attending this webinar, you’ll learn how to:

  • Reduce costs and also deliver all features in the backlog on time
  • Stay agile despite cost-cutting pressure
  • Follow counterintuitive approaches instead of wasting time on unhelpful “reduce infrastructure and licensing costs” tips
  • Automate Kubernetes resource efficiency as you scale to day 2 operations, reducing cloud costs and improving application performance without the trade-offs

Meet the Speakers

Benedikt Stemmildt

Benedikt Stemmildt

CTO, TalentFormation

As CTO, Benedikt Stemmildt is driving TalentFormation’s company rebuilding approach holistically with his many years of experience in the areas of software development, architecture, continuous delivery and cloud. He gained his first professional experience as a software engineer at OTTO. From 2017, he is responsible for the entire online shop platform at Breuninger as Lead Software Architect. In 2020, he moves into the role of CIO at BLUME2000 and assumes responsibility for all employees in the e-commerce IT department. Together with his team, he looks after the customer-oriented software systems.

Benedikt is a passionate software architect, full-stack developer and speaker with enthusiasm for technology, architecture and organization. He develops and runs software in a data-driven way with a focus on customer added value. He also enjoys educating and training himself and others and is a founding member of the Hacker School.

Niels Roetert

Niels Roetert

Solutions Architect, StormForge

Niels Roetert is a Solutions Architect at StormForge. During his 30+ year career in IT he has worked as a UNIX administrator, systems engineer, sales engineer and director of sales engineering at various companies including EMC, Tintri and Cloudian. Niels began his career with a focus on big iron running UNIX, then later dove into Linux, and is now immersed in the world of K8s and microservices. Niels has a great deal of technical experience, but he still loves learning new things and enjoys collaborating with peers and customers. Besides, he likes to play rugby, go for a run or read a book.