The Challenge

As enterprises adopt cloud native technologies at an exploding rate, increasing complexity makes day 2 operations a challenge. Observability tools and autoscaling are helpful, but organizations still need to choose between performance and efficiency.

The result? Inefficient applications costing millions, performing poorly, and thousands of hours of lost productivity every year.

94% of organizations running Kubernetes say that it is a source of pain or complexity for their organization.

58% say that managing the Kubernetes infrastructure and ecosystem is their top challenge.

51% of developers and architects say building cloud native applications makes them want to find a new job.

Kubernetes users estimate that 47% of their total cloud spend is wasted on idle or over-provisioned resources.

StormForge Automates Kubernetes Resource Efficiency

StormForge Optimize Live applies machine learning to metrics to make actionable recommendations to resource settings for any deployment running in Kubernetes. Save cloud resources and money, reduce the risk of poorly performing applications, and get your developers focused on innovating, not tuning workloads in Kubernetes.

Observation-based Optimization

StormForge Optimize Live analyzes observability metrics , using machine learning, to automatically find opportunities to reduce cloud resource usage and cost while minimizing risk of CPU throttling or out-of-memory errors. Based on historical usage and performance metrics, Optimize Live delivers a continuous, intelligent, and automated approach to maintaining Kubernetes efficiency in any environment.

Put the "Auto" in Autoscaling

StormForge Optimize Live not only does continuous vertical autoscaling for you, it also detects if you have a horizontal pod autoscaler (HPA) running and, if so, recommends the target utilization setting that will minimize resource usage without sacrificing application performance. StormForge’s bi-dimensional autoscaling makes it easy to keep your application running efficiently as usage fluctuates in production.

Get Value Fast

StormForge Optimize Live takes only seconds to install so you can start delivering value for your organization as quickly as possible. Deploy the Optimize Live agent into a cluster and it will begin analyzing workloads and providing recommendations automatically. Once you are comfortable with a recommendation, you can set how frequently you want to see new recommendations, tune your optimization goals, and decide whether you want to automatically apply or manually approve recommendations. Optimize Live works quickly to automatically analyze your Kubernetes environment to find ways to save.

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Part of the StormForge Platform

StormForge Optimize Live is just one part of the only complete Kubernetes optimization platform, which also includes:

  • StormForge Optimize Pro – Proactive, non-production scenario planning and optimization with in-depth application insights.
  • StormForge Performance Testing – Load test your Kubernetes applications for performance and availability at scale, automated into your CI/CD workflow.

The Value of Optimizing Applications with StormForge

Cloud with speed dial and money symbol suggesting lower cost and high speed

Improve resource utilization and reduce cloud costs by 50% or more

Computer generated graphic of a dial with the needle at max, and a screen in front of it showing a moving graph

Leverage metric data to automatically provide actionable insights

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Reduce risk of CPU throttling and out-of-memory errors

Realize value quickly and easily, with minimal configuration and intuitive automation

Improve developer productivity by eliminating manual, trial-and-error tuning

StormForge Optimize Live analyzes observability data to recommend Kubernetes CPU and memory settings to reduce wasted resources and improve application performance in your Kubernetes production environment.

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