The Challenge

Kubernetes and cloud native complexity make it hard to understand application behavior and ensure efficient day 2 operations.

The result? Millions of dollars in wasted cloud resources, business-impacting application performance and availability issues, and thousands of hours of lost productivity every year.

94% of organizations running Kubernetes say that it is a source of pain or complexity for their organization.

58% say that managing the Kubernetes infrastructure and ecosystem is their top challenge.

51% of developers and architects say building cloud native applications makes them want to find a new job.

Kubernetes users estimate that 48% of their total cloud spend is wasted on idle or over-provisioned resources.

Optimize Pro Automates Kubernetes Resource Efficiency

StormForge Optimize Pro is the only solution that uses machine learning to optimize complex applications for multiple objectives and to provide in-depth application analysis and architectural insights.

Advanced Machine Learning

StormForge Optimize Pro uses patent-pending machine learning to eliminate time-consuming, manual application tuning. By analyzing multiple application parameters for business objectives like performance and cost, StormForge empowers developers to make smart resource decisions. Optimize Pro automates the process of ensuring performance and reliability while minimizing costs, allowing dev teams to focus on innovating, not tuning or troubleshooting.

Proactive Resource Optimization

StormForge Optimize Pro works proactively through a process of rapid experimentation in your non-production environment. Built-in performance testing and predictive what-if analysis allow you to understand how your application will perform and how much it will cost to run before deployment. This allows your team to deliver efficient and reliable applications without time-consuming trial-and-error tuning.

In-Depth Application Insights

In addition to delivering efficient applications, one of the key benefits customers realize from StormForge Optimize Pro comes with the deep, ML-powered analysis of application behavior. Understanding and visualizing application behavior under a wide range of scenarios helps teams identify improvements to their cloud native architecture, better allocate resources, and more accurately forecast how the application will behave in a wide range of different scenarios.

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Part of the StormForge Platform

StormForge Optimize Pro is just one part of the only complete Kubernetes optimization platform,
which also includes:

  • StormForge Optimize Live – Optimization of Kubernetes production environments based on machine learning of existing observability data.
  • StormForge Performance Testing – Load test your Kubernetes applications for performance and availability at scale, automated into your CI/CD workflow.

The Value of Optimizing Kubernetes Applications with Optimize Pro

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Reduce wasted resources and cloud application costs by 50% or more

Ensure application performance proactively, before apps are released to production

Identify key architectural improvements with in-depth application insights

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Improve developer velocity and reduce burnout by automating optimization

Elevate your game and overcome the Kubernetes resource and skills gap

Screenshot of the StormForge Optimize Pro dashboard that proactively optimizes Kubernetes applications and their resources

StormForge Optimize Pro proactively ensures Kubernetes resource efficiency, performing predictive what-if analysis to optimize apps before they reach production.

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