The Challenge

Inefficient Kubernetes and application configurations result in millions of dollars in wasted cloud resources, business-impacting performance and availability issues, and thousands of hours of lost productivity every year.

  • 94% of organizations running Kubernetes say that it is a source of pain or complexity for their organization.
  • 58% say that managing the Kubernetes infrastructure and ecosystem is their top challenge.
  • 51% of developers and architects say building cloud native applications makes them want to find a new job.
  • Kubernetes users estimate that 48% of their total cloud spend is wasted on idle or over-provisioned resources.

StormForge uses patent-pending machine learning to optimize Kubernetes environments, reducing cloud costs, improving application performance, and providing deep application insights to drive architecture improvements. StormForge automates Kubernetes resource efficiency at scale, accelerating your competitive advantage by allowing developers to focus on innovating, not tuning or troubleshooting Kubernetes.

The Only Complete Approach to Kubernetes Optimization

The StormForge platform includes three solutions that together close the loop between prod and non-prod, ensuring performance and cost-efficiency.

Turn observability into actionability

  • Observation-based optimization in prod
  • Use with all applications for fast and easy efficiency gains
  • Leverages observability data already being collected
  • ML recommends CPU & memory to optimize 
  • Recommendations can be automatically implemented or manually approved
  • Simple configuration, fast time-to-value

Proactive optimization with deep application insights

  • Experimentation-based optimization in non-prod
  • Use with complex, mission-critical applications
  • Load testing used to simulate range of scenarios
  • ML optimizes for any goal by tuning any parameter
  • Highlights trade-offs to enable smart business decisions
  • Deep application insights to drive architectural improvements

Scalable, easy-to-use Kubernetes load testing

  • Kubernetes performance testing as a service
  • Use with Optimize Pro for non-prod scenario planning and optimization
  • Get started creating load tests in minutes
  • Scale to hundreds of thousands of requests per second, millions of concurrent users
  • Built for automation into CI/CD workflow
  • Open workload model for accurate, real-world scenarios

Turn Observability into Actionability

StormForge leverages the observability data you’re already collecting, using machine learning to find opportunities to reduce cloud resource usage and cost while minimizing risk of CPU throttling or out-of-memory errors. StormForge delivers a continuous, intelligent, and automated approach to maintaining Kubernetes efficiency in production.

In-Depth Application Analysis and Insights

Non-production scenario planning and rapid experimentation provide deep application insights. Analyzing application behavior under a wide range of scenarios helps teams identify improvements to their cloud native architecture, better allocate resources, and more accurately forecast how the application will behave in production.

Advanced Machine Learning

StormForge uses patent-pending machine learning to eliminate time-consuming, manual application tuning and let dev teams focus on innovating, not tuning or troubleshooting. By analyzing multiple application parameters for business objectives like performance and cost, StormForge empowers developers to make smart resource decisions. 

Fast Time to Value

Taking only minutes to configure, StormForge Optimize Live can start delivering value for your enterprise today. Specify how frequently you want to see new recommendations, your tolerance for risk, and whether you want to automatically implement or manually approve recommendations, and you’re good to go. Optimize Live will immediately start analyzing your Kubernetes production environment and find ways to save.

The Value of Optimizing Applications with StormForge


Improve resource utilization and reduce cloud costs by 50% or more


Reduce risk of application performance and availability issues


Increase developer productivity by eliminating manual, trial-and-error tuning


Identify key architectural improvements with in-depth application insights


Elevate your game and overcome the Kubernetes resource and skills gap


StormForge combines ML-powered non-prod scenario analysis with production optimization based on observability data, ensuring your Kubernetes environment is always operating at peak efficiency.

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