Harnessing the cloud should be easy, but it’s not. That’s because there are several layers to cloud computing, including infrastructure or hardware, applications and software, platforms (such as Kubernetes) and tools and systems for access. Each of these layers has their own complexities and risks.

Yet businesses want to transform their networks, or at least keep them up to date, and do so in their own ways and on their own schedules. But there are lots of moving parts involved with moving to the cloud. NetOps and IT teams need to make various trade offs and have requisite knowledge in order to formulate the right strategies, and make the right implementation decisions. That’s why these transitions tend to be difficult and risky endeavors.

With StormForge’s Professional Services (SFPS), customers get the in-depth technical know-how and support they need to align their cloud computing deployments with their business objectives. SFPS offers an array of services across a wide spectrum of technologies. These services can be leveraged at various stages of the development cycle to deliver the technical expertise, oversight, and guidance that customers and their tech teams need to make the right infrastructure, platform, and software decisions to meet their needs today and tomorrow.

Offering Basic Cloud, Cloud-Native and Advanced Cloud Implementations

Our SFPS professionals have three “on-ramp” methodologies derived from years of experience and their keen understanding of today’s customers’ needs.

First, for clients with established cloud infrastructures, our SFPS professionals run a “Cloud Computing Health Check”. This allows our professional services team to identify what cloud resources the client already has in place, what might be missing, what may be causing problems. It also helps them to better target areas that are in need of improvement.

An initial engagement typically involves a SFPS professional helping to implement the “Health Check” recommendations which are accepted by the client. This means developing, deploying and optimizing Kubernetes, AI/ML and other software solutions. Clients report results which usually include lower IT costs, Professional Services increased business agility, accelerated Kubernetes adoption, more efficient DevOps processes, and greater application portability and scalability, and other benefits.

Alternatively, a SFPS professional will prepare for the client a readiness report for adopting a Cloud-Native implementation. This “Cloud-Native Readiness Assessment” is based on the client’s current infrastructure, including legacy systems, software, people and processes. From this Assessment, the SFPS team presents the client’s readiness to become “Cloud-Native” and works with their team to create an adoption roadmap customized for the client’s level of deployment.

Finally, for advanced cloud shops, SFPS offers workshops and custom consulting arrangements. The SFPS team often provides training and seminars that help facilitate transitions to the cloud or “Cloud-Native” deployments. These include:

Cloud Infrastructure & Architecture Strategy

Kubernetes & Container Orchestration

AI/Optimization of K8s Deployment

StormForge Has the Right Stuff

The SFPS team comprises some of StormForge’s most experienced solutions architects and software engineers. Team members have years of experience working with public, private and hybrid clouds in the enterprise. In addition, many of them hold multiple credentials, such as Certified Kubernetes Administrator from the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, as well as relevant certifications from leading cloud providers, such as CISCO and Amazon Web Services.

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Certified Kubernetes Administrator badge
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Our SFPS professionals have the exceptional expertise in Open Source Software, Kubernetes and cloud computing applications. Of course they also are very familiar with every facet of StormForge’s products. Applying all of their relevant knowledge, skills and experience, they will collaborate with clients to identify or anticipate project challenges, and come up with effective approaches or solutions.

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If you’re thinking about moving forward or expanding your cloud computing platform, or you need to get more out of your Kubernetes and other cloud-centric initiatives, StormForge’s Professional Services is a great option. Our experienced team members will gauge where you’re at, identify potential issues, and show you the best way forward. Don’t wait to get the help, guidance and know-how you need.

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