Benefits of StormForge and Mirantis delivered by A-VAR

  • Improve developer productivity
  • Increase release frequency and production deployments
  • Increase cloud portability, application security, and application resiliency
  • Improve efficiency and eliminate cloud waste
  • Automate optimization with AI and Machine Learning
  • Eliminate wasted cycles spent manually tuning and testing
  • Improve user experience and meet SLOs and SLAs consistently


Modernization and digital transformation are redefining today’s enterprise and changing business as we know it. But even as application development teams work to deliver software quickly and reliably, cumbersome, monolithic legacy applications often remain the backbone of an organization. That’s why many development teams are looking to containerize legacy apps and take advantage of a modern, secure delivery model, making them easier to manage and extend with new functionality. However, the widespread adoption of Kubernetes and the portability and flexibility of containers have resulted in both system and organizational complexity while introducing unexpected and unwelcome challenges. One study found that 94% of organizations adopting Kubernetes say it’s a source of pain for their organizations.

Organizations need to be able to identify the apps best suited for modernization and then optimize for performance and cost to realize the true promise and business benefits of Kubernetes and containerized applications.

StormForge and Mirantis, delivered by A-VAR, enable you to do just that.


of respondents claim that Kubernetes is a source of pain or complexity for their organization.

Mirantis Modernizes Legacy Applications

Mirantis modernizes legacy applications while implementing and integrating containers and Kubernetes into your organization. By combining Mirantis’ leading Kubernetes product, such as Mirantis Kubernetes Engine, Mirantis Secure Registry, and Mirantis Container Cloud with a best-in-class professional services methodology, legacy applications are adapted to modern architectures and delivery workflows, enabling you to:

  • Assess environment, tools, processes, and applications
  • Build operationalized development environment and CI/CD pipeline
  • Build operationalized production environment and integrate with CI/CD pipeline
  • Deploy applications to a production-ready state

Mirantis performs an Application Portfolio Assessment to analyze your existing applications, qualify a set of applications for modernization, and develop a phased containerization approach and strategy. StormForge then optimizes apps for cost and performance before deployment in production.

StormForge Optimizes Modernized Applications for Cost and Performance

StormForge platform, which was purpose-built for Kubernetes, makes it easy to achieve cloud resource efficiency at scale by combining enterprise-grade performance testing with machine learning to optimize applications automatically. As a scenario-modeling machine learning platform, StormForge provides actionable insights in pre-production and production to increase application performance and reduce cost while accelerating developer velocity.

StormForge removes the trial and error of manual processes in pre-production, and eliminates the reactive changes engineers typically have to make after an application is in production. Engineers are empowered to make intelligent resource decisions that minimize the cost of running applications – and the time and effort spent making those decisions – while ensuring business goals are met.

In production, StormForge leverages the wealth of data collected by observability solutions to provide recommendations for configuration changes that will boost efficiency. Suggestions can be implemented automatically or with your approval – you’re always in complete control.

A-VAR Accelerates Innovation and Business-Impacting Solutions

A-VAR takes a holistic view of the developer experience and the application lifecycle to support digital transformation. With a focus on leveraging emerging technology to drive innovation and deliver differentiated value to organizations sooner, A-VAR helps you build a strategic advantage.

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