Kubernetes Management at Scale

Simplify K8s resource management as you grow – without compromise – and reduce cloud waste by 50%

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Turn Observation Into Action

Add value to the Kubernetes observability data you’re already collecting – and take it to the next level with actionable intelligence. With in-depth insights, thorough analysis and intelligent recommendations you can proactively optimize your cloud native applications for performance and cost-efficiency at scale in both non-production and production environments. Reduce your operational burden and cloud costs by 50% or more with automated, ML-driven resource configuration and optimization.

Benefits of Kubernetes Resource Management

Eliminate reactive, manual trial-and-error processes, saving countless days, weeks, or months of administrative effort and expense and avoiding wasteful resource over-provisioning. Take advantage of powerful, patent-pending machine learning that’s applied to observability data to simplify and automate application tuning.

Improve Resource Decisions for Better Business Outcomes

Optimize for multiple competing objectives, such as performance and cost, and easily see the trade-offs between them to make the right decisions for your business.

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Maintain Efficiency & Optimize K8s Performance at Scale

Keep production environments running efficiently and optimize performance at scale with intelligent recommendations that reduce cloud resource usage and minimize the risk of CPU throttling and out-of-memory errors.

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Reduce Cloud Costs

Get the performance you require and avoid wasteful over-provisioning with sophisticated analysis and precise modeling based on actual resource usage.

The StormForge Difference


Analyze thousands of Kubernetes resource combinations & identify optimal configs for pods & containers based on your goals using advanced machine learning algorithms

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Eliminate countless hours of tedious manual tuning and have all the difficult calculations and optimization work performed for you


Get started easily and realize near-immediate business value, using an elegant UI that doesn’t require special training.


Automatically optimize non-production and production apps with the industry’s only solution that does both in one platform.

How the StormForge Kubernetes Management Platform Works

Deploy applications with confidence, keep your cloud native environment running smoothly, and give your team more time to focus on innovation and business goals. StormForge is the only solution that combines proactive, experimentation-based optimization in non-production environments with continuous, observation-based optimization in production.

Production Optimization
with StormForge Optimize Live

  • Observation-based approach optimizes your production environments
  • Leverages observability data that you’re already collecting 
  • Advanced ML recommends CPU and memory settings to improve your K8s efficiency
  • Simple configuration and fast results accelerate your time-to-value

See how Optimize Live works
screenshots of the StormForge Optimize Live showing recommended settings based on the current experiment
Multiple screenshots of the StormForge Kubernetes App Optimization dashboard, depicting multiple parameters and graphs

Non-prod Optimization with StormForge Optimize Pro

  • Experimentation-based approach optimizes your non-prod environments
  • Uses load testing to simulate a massive number of scenarios
  • Lets you deploy your applications with extremely high confidence
  • Deep application insights to drive architectural improvements

See how Optimize Pro works

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