Intelligent, Automatic, and Continuous Optimization

Ensure applications are right-sized now and as workloads change. StormForge machine learning analyzes CPU and memory utilization and automatically adjusts resource requests up or down to meet demand, while still ensuring performance and reliability.

Kubernetes Optimization Benefits

Take advantage of powerful, patent-pending machine learning that makes right-sizing your apps quick and seamless, so you have lower costs, better application performance, and more free time to innovate.

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Improve resource efficiency and reduce cloud costs

Achieve and maintain optimal resource utilization at scale, minimize cloud costs, and free up resources for strategic work by optimizing your Kubernetes environment with StormForge.

Ensure performance and reliability

StormForge goes beyond just cost visibility to ensure efficiency, minimizing resource usage and cost without risking reliability or application performance.

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From Visibility to Actionability

StormForge goes beyond tools that merely provide visibility into resource utilization and cloud spend, providing actionable recommendations to improve efficiency and performance.

The StormForge Difference

Fast Time-to-Value

StormForge lets users get started rightsizing applications with a helm deployment and a few clicks. Once the agent is installed, workloads will automatically be consumed and recommendations provided within just a few hours.

Intelligent Right-sizing

StormForge machine learning analyzes workload usage patterns to provide CPU and Memory recommendations to ensure workloads are neither over- or under-provisioned. Additionally, Optimize Live automatically detects the presence of a Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) and recommends target CPU utilization to enable bi-dimensional autoscaling.

Business Impact

StormForge Optimize Live includes reports that make it easy for users to understand the business impact of recommendations, including aggregated resource impact, estimated cost savings, and reliability improvements.

Built for Scale

StormForge Optimize Live makes deployment of recommendations effortless, even in large scale environments. Users can either export YAML directly to deploy through their CI/CD tool of choice or allow Optimize Live to deploy the recommendations automatically.

Holistic Optimization

StormForge is the only solution to combine experimentation-based optimization for use in pre-prod environments with observation-based optimization for use in prod. It’s a complete solution to ensure optimization throughout the application lifecycle.

How StormForge
Kubernetes Optimization Works

StormForge is the only solution that combines proactive optimization in non-production environments with continuous optimization in production. Deploy applications with confidence and keep your cloud native environment running smoothly.

Production Optimization
with StormForge Optimize Live

  • Observation-based optimization for production environments
  • Leverages Kubernetes metrics already being collected
  • ML recommends CPU, memory and HPA target utilization to improve efficiency
  • Built for scale with automated deployment of recommendations
  • Simple configuration, fast time-to-value

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StormForge Fits Into Your Cloud Ecosystem

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