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Kubernetes Optimization Pricing

Optimize your Kubernetes environment for peak efficiency, get deep application insights, and simulate production load at scale.

StormForge Optimize Live

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per core

Priced by # of cores used by the workloads in production we are optimizing. The model supports a per month/core pricing model with starting price of $4 a core with discounts as you scale.

  • Observation-based optimization for production environments
  • Use with all applications for fast and easy efficiency gains
  • Leverages observability data already being collected
  • ML recommends CPU & memory and HPA target utilization to optimize
  • Recommendations can be automatically implemented or manually approved
  • Simple configuration, fast time-to-value
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Also Available:

  • Kickoff services package for easy onboarding and rapid ROI
  • Updates, customer support, and ongoing regular check-ins
  • Premium enterprise support via phone, email, and Slack

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Sign up for a 30-day free trial of StormForge Optimize Live.

StormForge Optimize Live pricing is based on the number of vCPU being optimized. Contact us for a customized quote to meet your specific needs.

Yes, support is built into StormForge Optimize Live pricing, including all major and minor software updates, customer support, kickoff services, and ongoing, regular check-ins.

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