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Kubernetes Resource Management Pricing

Optimize your Kubernetes applications for performance, reliability and cost. The average StormForge customer sees efficiency improvements of over 90%.

StormForge Platform

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What's Included:
  • Automatic, multi-objective resource optimization using machine learning to ensure peak efficiency for Kubernetes applications at scale
  • Highly scalable performance testing built into the optimization process
  • Detailed optimization analysis for better visibility of your application and Kubernetes environment and cost/performance trade-offs
  • Automatic in-cluster resource scanning for easy optimization with no YAML editing
  • Export of optimal configuration for easy deployment via CI/CD
  • Kickoff services package for easy onboarding and rapid ROI
  • Premium enterprise support via phone, email and Slack

Pricing is based on the number of optimized applications.

Frequently Asked Questions

StormForge pricing scales based on the number of Kubernetes applications being optimized. 

Contact us for a customized quote to meet your specific needs.

Yes. StormForge Performance Testing is included as part of the optimization platform, but can also be purchased separately for dedicated load testing. 

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Yes, support is built into StormForge Platform pricing, including all major and minor software updates, customer support, kickoff services, and ongoing, regular check-ins.

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