Performance Testing as a Service

Create load tests in just three minutes and scale from tens to hundreds of thousands of requests per second, and even millions of concurrent users. Easily create repeatable, automated load tests to incorporate into your CI/CD workflow. Capture real production traffic to ensure your load testing reflects actual traffic patterns.


Shift performance left to ensure performance and reliability before release.


Create load tests in just 3 minutes with Performance Testing as a Service


Incorporate Performance Testing as Code into your CI/CD pipeline


Easily scale to hundreds of thousands requests per second, and millions of concurrent users


Built to work seamlessly on Kubernetes, easy to run in your cluster

Key Features

Open Workload Model

StormForge uses an open workload model to more accurately simulate real-world situations and provide better problem detection than closed workload tools.

Record and Playback

Record user actions from real production traffic to use as a starting point for load tests, ensuring your load testing reflects actual traffic patterns.

Reporting and Analytics

StormForge delivers extensive reporting and analytics, helping you benchmark, interpret, and compare results.

Test Run Comparability

Our goal is to achieve comparability between runs of your test cases, so you can quickly see trends or performance issues.

Tools++ / Powerful DSL

We provide you with a powerful, easy-to-use DSL tool to help you express sophisticated and complex test cases.

Real-time Support

Get immediate feedback on your load tests with the ability to closely watch tests currently running against your systems.

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