Insight Partners investment will fuel the growth and market presence of Carbon Relay as demand grows for the Red Sky Ops machine learning platform for optimizing application performance on Kubernetes

BOSTON—February 11, 2020—Carbon Relay and Insight Partners today announced a $63 million transaction to accelerate the growth of its Red Sky Ops solution for optimizing application performance in Kubernetes environments.

Carbon Relay pioneered the use of machine learning and data science to automate and manage the complexity of finding optimal configurations for applications running in Kubernetes—eliminating the need for manual optimization by DevOps, networking, and IT professionals. With Red Sky Ops, enterprises, cloud providers, and Kubernetes distribution providers ensure better stability for their applications in production, free their most talented technologists from manually configuring applications, and end the costly practice of overprovisioning compute and storage resources to ensure application stability.

“We’re pleased to work with the Carbon Relay team to enable the rapid expansion of the company’s groundbreaking platform,” said Michael Triplett, Managing Director at Insight Partners. “As Kubernetes moves into mainstream use, development and operations teams across industries are attracted to its flexibility. At the same time, they’re dismayed by how difficult it is to use. Carbon Relay has brought together a team of world-class machine learning and engineering experts to bring to market an innovative solution to the challenge of Kubernetes complexity. The Insight team is excited to collaborate with Carbon Relay as the company scales to address this unique opportunity.”

Matt Provo, Co-founder and CEO of Carbon Relay, commented: “With Red Sky Ops, we created the first AIOps solution for optimizing applications in Kubernetes environments to enhance application performance, while also dramatically reducing infrastructure costs. We’ve been gratified by the interest in the platform from across the cloud-native and Kubernetes communities. Working with Insight Partners will enable us to rapidly scale the Red Sky Ops platform at a time when thousands of organizations are looking to enjoy the full benefits of moving to a microservices architecture. The Carbon Relay team looks forward to the next phase of growth of Red Sky Ops and could not be more thrilled to work alongside Mike and the Insight Partners team.”

Solving Kubernetes’ Complexity with Red Sky Ops

Red Sky Ops makes it easy for development and operations teams to manage millions of possible combinations of application variables and configuration settings. With the Carbon Relay platform, they can automatically identify and implement the best configurations for each application in any cloud environment. Customers benefit from lower infrastructure costs and reduced alerts distracting DevOps experts.

Red Sky Ops allows teams to create application deployment experiments and then run them under load to identify optimal application configurations. It automatically creates accurate, comprehensive suggestions for optimal configurations and the best possible application performance on a continuous basis.

About Carbon Relay

Carbon Relay brings together world-class data scientists and software engineers to enable businesses to drive breakthrough IT and operations efficiency. Two traits are woven throughout our team, our products and everything we do: awe of the power of AI to solve complex business problems and a passionate commitment to the environment. Our Red Sky platform uses machine learning to drive major application performance gains and cost reductions in complex environments. Carbon Relay was founded in 2015 and is based in Boston and Washington, DC. Learn more at

About Insight Partners

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