StormForge program equips growing partner ecosystem with its advanced machine learning platform, tools and training to help more customers realize the promise of Kubernetes

Cambridge, Mass., November 10, 2022 — StormForge, the leader in cloud-native application performance testing and resource optimization, today announced its Channel Partner Program. The StormForge Channel Partner Program focuses on providing distributors, resellers and other partners with the most effective resources to put the StormForge machine learning-based optimization platform within every enterprise’s reach. The Channel Partner Program complements the StormForge Cloud Provider Alliance Partner Program, which includes highly collaborative relationships with industry powerhouses such as AWS, Microsoft Azure and Datadog. New partners include CLIMB, Amazic and SIOS. Resellers include A-Var, Oteemo, Mobia and Ahead.

“The Kubernetes developer and user communities are incredibly large and diverse – and they’re growing rapidly. So it’s natural for us to design a Channel Partner program that extends the reach of StormForge’s patent-pending machine learning technology to as many enterprises as possible,” said Amy Medeiros, Head of Marketing, StormForge. “StormForge optimizes Kubernetes at scale in ways that no other solution can. We want to help as many customers as possible achieve success with their Kubernetes journey, and that means arming our partners with game-changing solutions that make that process as smooth and effective as possible. The Partner Program keeps customer relationships front and center, while also offering a simple, collaborative, and rewarding experience for our partners.”

The StormForge Partner Program consists of solutions, training including hands-on certification and tools that enable its partners to offer customers the most effective platform for optimizing Kubernetes at scale. Partners gain access to an exclusive partner portal, deal registration, integrated campaign kits, sales tools, technical training support, sales incentives and a dedicated StormForge Certified Kubernetes expert.

“Kubernetes performance and optimization is one of the most challenging things our customers are navigating in today’s enterprise environments, and being able to offer StormForge gives us such a strong opportunity and position to support them,” said Frank Shepherd, VP of Engineering, A-Var. “StormForge’s platform delivers that magic combination of increased efficiency and higher performance that results in our customers’ ability to innovate.”

“StormForge really brings to bear the missing component for our customers’ digital transformation journey,” said Dale Foster, Climb CEO, Climb. “StormForge’s machine learning technology combined with its holistic approach that spans production and non-production environments makes Kubernetes resource optimization a reality for a lot of our customers for the first time. Working with StormForge is a strategic move that we expect to drive real impact for our customers.”

StormForge’s flagship product, StormForge Optimize Live, delivers ML-powered Kubernetes resource optimization through analysis of observability data, intelligent recommendations, and automated action based on that analysis. The ML focus goes beyond cost or performance alone, optimizing both at any scale to enable intelligent business decisions with minimal trade-offs. Just last month, the platform added the industry’s first bi-dimensional Kubernetes pod autoscaling, which minimizes cloud waste during the autoscaling process without sacrificing application performance. This powerful platform puts the best possible offerings in the hands of partners and resellers, whose customers need flexibility across cloud environments and the ability to optimize in production and non-production environments.

Purpose-built for Kubernetes, StormForge runs in any CNCF-certified distribution and integrates easily with existing Kubernetes environments, including all Kubernetes cloud services, management platforms and observability solutions. It also enables fast time-to-value with one-click deployment and continuous, automated Kubernetes resource optimization.

“We sincerely welcome this partner program. StormForge’s M/L technology is essential for using the container platform technology that is indispensable for DX. This is because it not only increases the productivity of container utilization engineers, but also optimizes the infrastructure resources used. SIOS Technology, Inc. has had a strong relationship since StormForge was founded. Through this Programme, SIOS Technology Corp. is promoting the further advancement of the Cloud Native in the Japanese market,” said Minoru Aoki, Vice President, SIOS Technology, Inc.

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