DevOps for Everyone ft. Patrick Bergstrom

Patrick Bergstrom is an experienced enterprise SRE who was good at breaking things. Nowadays he is Chief Technology Officer at fast and furious start-up, StormForge

The business was originally a MachineLearning org and today they are still that but so much more. For one they’re using AI to benefit people, not replace us. 

In this chat with DevOps for Everyone, we uncover some shocking stats like the average cost saving StormForge achieves for their clients. It’s amazing numbers! We talk over-provisioning and under-provisioning and the benefits of each. 

And Patrick also tells us about the coolest AI project I have heard of involving President Barack Obama. 

Reach Patrick on Twitter @iampatrickb or via LinkedIn

Referenced in the chat: 
Case Study: Acquia Intelligently and Automatically Improves Application Performance and Cost Efficiency with StormForge