The German AWS Community Day 2020 took place on September 25th. It is a technical AWS conference, organized as a one-day online event and hosted by the German AWS User Group Community. That’s why it is also called “the meetup of meetups” and – last but least – it’s free.

AWS User Group Cologne logoWe at StormForge organize the monthly AWS User Group Cologne and we were happy to be (again) part of the German AWS Community Day as co-organizers.

Sebastian Cohnen and Software Engineer Stephan Zeissler had a talk at the AWS Community Day. They showed how StormForge uses AWS EC2 to perform load and performance tests. These tests scale transparently for our customers from very small scenarios to over 1 million requests per second. Sebastian and Stephan talked about how they build our AMI automatically and how the life cycle of our load generators works with StormForge.

Did you miss our talk at the AWS Community Day? Or do you like to enjoy it again? No problem, check out the video.