As you continue optimizing your infrastructure while enhancing the applications’ performance, understanding how to efficiently manage these resources in Kubernetes at scale is becoming increasingly challenging. Incorrect pod resource setting is the number one cause of unreliable applications and exuberant waste of cloud resources.

This on-demand webinar shares valuable insights and practical tips that can be applied directly to Kubernetes environments, ensuring your infrastructure is reliable, scalable, and cost-efficient!


What you’ll learn:

  1. Introduction to Kubernetes Resource Management
    •  Understanding the importance of resource allocation and optimization.
  1. Key Concepts in Resource Settings
    • Pods, Nodes, and Containers: An in-depth look at the fundamental components.
    • Resource Requests vs. Limits: Best practices for setting and managing these parameters.
  1. Advanced Strategies for Resource Allocation
    • Horizontal and Vertical Pod Autoscaling: Ensuring scalability and performance.
    • Node Affinity and Anti-Affinity: Optimizing pod placement for resource utilization.