What do you get when you cross an Engineer with a stand-up comedian? You get Don McMillan. This former chip designer has been doing his one-of-a-kind, PowerPoint-Driven comedy show for corporate audiences for over 20 years – and now he turns his sights on Kubernetes!

After a brief demo of the StormForge platform, Don will show you the funny side of your world that has been sitting right in front of you – you are just too busy working to notice it. Join us for lots of laughs and pick up a few jokes to take back to your job!

What You’ll Learn:

✅ Why the time for optimizing your Kubernetes environment is now.

✅ How optimization can help to reduce cloud costs, improve application performance, and allow dev teams to focus on innovating.

✅ How to turn observability into actionability using machine learning to provide actionable recommendations to improve efficiency by 50% or more.