Demo Video

StormForge Optimize Live Demo (Short)

In this video, we provide a brief overview of Optimize Live and how it works. Kubernetes Resource optimization can be done with just a few clicks or fully automated in real-time.

StormForge is the leader in automated Kubernetes optimization, making it easy to achieve cloud resource efficiency at scale. It uses patent-pending machine learning in both pre-production and production to drive resource and cost savings, reduce risk of performance issues, and uncover insights that improve your cloud native architecture.

StormForge automates Kubernetes resource efficiency at scale. The StormForge Platform provides all the tools you need to run your Kubernetes applications at peak performance & efficiency. In this video, we walk through the newest addition to the StormForge Platform. We call it Optimize Live – a revolutionary simple way to optimize your containers.

Optimize Live basically looks at observability data you are already capturing from your production system. Our Machine Learning is learning from historical usage and trends and then making recommendations for updated CPU and memory settings, at whatever frequency you specified when you configured it.

After you deployed Optimize Live and connected it to your observability tools, it automatically detects all your apps within your production system. From this list you can select the applications you want to optimize.

Let’s take a look at how that works.

After selecting an application you just have to follow a few simple steps. For CPU and memory, you can define upper and lower limits and you risk tolerance. Next, you select a recommendation frequency. This defines how often the machine learning algorithm calculates a new recommendation. And as a last step, you can choose between patching the configuration for this container manually or automatically.

Optimize Live also comes with a Grafana Dashboard to visualize the results of your optimizations. What you can see here is an example of what the actual results might look like.

In this example, the yellow line is actual CPU usage. The blue and red show the CPU requests and limits as recommended by our machine learning. You can see how closely they track the actual usage.

Optimize Live already has a broad ecosystem. It runs on any cloud, with any CNCF-certified Kubernetes distribution and integrates well with your already existing observability tools.

StormForge: Optimization has never been easier.