Demo Video

StormForge Optimize Live Demo

In this video, you’ll see a brief overview of Optimize Live, and how it uses cluster-based agents and advanced machine learning to continuously calculate optimal combinations of resource requests, limits, and HPA target utilization across thousands of workloads. 

Recommendations can be automatically applied on a flexible schedule, accounting for changes in traffic patterns or application resource requirements to ensure workloads are always rightsized. Automatic rightsizing occurs on an hourly, daily, or weekly basis to continuously ensure workloads are using the right amount of resources. 

With minimal configuration, Optimize Live isn’t just another tool you need to learn or think about.


Kubernetes Resource optimization can be done with just a few clicks or fully automated in real-time.

StormForge is the leader in automated Kubernetes optimization, making it easy to achieve cloud resource efficiency at scale. It uses patent-pending machine learning in both pre-production and production to drive resource and cost savings, reduce risk of performance issues, and uncover insights that improve your cloud native architecture.