Embracing Kubernetes can introduce significant cost performance challenges. While Kubernetes offers flexibility and scalability, it can also lead to cost inefficiencies if not managed meticulously. As organizations deploy containerized applications, they often allocate more compute resources than necessary, resulting in overprovisioning and inflated cloud bills. Moreover, as organizations’ Kubernetes practices mature they require continuous monitoring and adjustment to ensure optimal governance and compliance. By implementing policy controls that define and continuously enforce cost-optimization priorities, organizations can ensure that their cost performance goals are met automatically and continuously.

This webinar will cover three key technologies that help Kubernetes customers on AWS achieve autonomous cost-optimization compliance.

  • Karpenter: An intelligent node provisioner that optimizes worker nodes to match workload resource requests
  • StormForge Optimize Live: A workload resource optimizer that continuously right-sizes resource requests with machine learning based on usage patterns.
  • Kyverno: an open-source Kubernetes policy management engine that allows you to define, enforce, and audit policies for your Kubernetes resources.