Platform Overview

StormForge in 90 Seconds

Inefficient Kubernetes and application configurations result in millions of dollars in wasted cloud resources, business-impacting performance and availability issues, and thousands of hours of lost productivity every year.

Why? Because Kubernetes is too complex for manual, trial-and-error tuning. There are simply too many possible configurations that impact the cost to run the application, its performance, and its reliability. So your team burns countless cycles on ineffective manual tuning, and apps still end up over-provisioned and under-performing.

Meet StormForge, a new approach to proactively and automatically optimize your applications. StormForge machine learning develops an understanding of your application through a process of rapid experimentation, and finds the optimal configuration that will minimize cloud costs while ensuring performance that meets SLOs and SLAs.

StormForge enables intelligent business decision-making by helping you understand the trade-offs between application performance and cloud costs. Predictive, what-if analysis shows you how your application will behave in production, so you can optimize proactively. And StormForge is purpose-built for Kubernetes, so that your engineers can focus on innovating, not worrying about the nuts and bolts of Kubernetes configuration.

StormForge is your foundation for Kubernetes success. Try it today and start optimizing.