VMblog 2022 Mega Series, StormForge Offers Expertise on the Topic of Kubernetes, DevOps, Containers

In this episode of the VMblog Mega Series, VMblog interviews Patrick Bergstrom, the Chief Technology Officer at StormForge. 

Watch and learn as Bergstrom provides a quick overview on StormForge and explores how they fit within the Kubernetes market, including containers as a technology and DevOps as an IT discipline. And find out what key focus areas StormForge is focused on heading into 2023.

Thinking about Kubernetes management for DevOps and production workloads, Bergstrom explores how StormForge defines and approaches Kubernetes management, and differentiates itself in the market. They also dig into some of the trends around Kubernetes automation and ML-based resource optimization and what the future of Kubernetes looks like. Stick around until the end to see a demo to learn even more.

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