How Optimize Live Enhances Kubernetes Resource Utilization

StormForge Optimize Live analyzes your production observability data to recommend CPU and memory settings for improved efficiency with reduced risk of application performance and user experience issues.

So… How does it work?

Step 1

Create your application

An application in StormForge is a set of Kubernetes resources that can be optimized. To create an application, just specify the namespace and, optionally, a label selector. StormForge automatically shows you which resources can be tuned.


Step 2

Enable Recommendations

To enable Optimize Live to start providing recommendations for improved Kubernetes efficiency, just select which container resources to optimize, min and max CPU and memory, risk tolerance, recommendation frequency, and whether to deploy recommendations automatically or with approval.

Step 3

StormForge Machine Learning

StormForge machine learning begins analyzing Kubernetes performance and utilization data from Prometheus, Datadog, or other observability solutions. Optimize Live then begins feeding you recommendations for updated CPU, memory, and HPA target utilization at the frequency selected during setup.

Black StormForge icon

Step 4

Implement Recommendations

If you configured your application for automatic implementation of recommendations, you can sit back and relax at this point. StormForge will automatically patch deployments with the recommended configuration.

If you configured your application for manual deployment, you can view the recommendation including container-level details before deciding to approve or not.

Step 5

See the Kubernetes Efficiency Gains

You can see the savings with an included Grafana dashboard showing actual resource usage, baseline resource requests and limits, and the StormForge recommended requests and limits.

With StormForge advanced machine learning, you’ll see recommended resources track much more closely to actual usage, resulting in significant resource savings and reduced risk of CPU throttling and out-of-memory errors.

    Computer generated graphic of user interface for StormForge highlighting 'baseline', 'actual usage', and 'StormForge Recommendation' lines

    That's it!

    Repeat Steps 3 to 5

    At this point, you can sit back, relax, and let StormForge do the work for you. Put your resource management on autopilot and realize the benefits of improved Kubernetes efficiency.

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