How Optimize Live Intelligently Rightsizes your Kubernetes Resources

StormForge Optimize Live analyzes your Kubernetes metrics to enable efficient vertical and horizontal scaling of your Kubernetes applications. Optimize Live recommends settings for CPU, and memory settings in addition to HPA target utilization to effectively scale your resources in a cost efficient way with reduced risk of application performance and user experience issues.

So… How does it work?

Step 1


Once the agent is installed in your cluster we start automatically collecting the relevant metrics for your workloads to be optimized. Filter out workloads easily by namespace or optimize the entire cluster, simplifying the data collection process.


Step 2

View Recommendations

Preliminary recommendations will start to show up after just one hour. View the projected impact of the recommendations and get down to the container level to see our machine learning suggestions. Compare to your current configurations and see the estimated impact of deploying the changes.

Step 3

Apply Recommendations

Once you are confident with the impact of a recommendation, deploying is as easy as pushing a button. Alternatively you can export the configuration and deploy the change via your tool of choice. Want to let us take over? Enable automatic recommendations and we will continuously deploy new recommendations at the interval of your choosing.

With StormForge advanced machine learning, you’ll see recommended resources track much more closely to actual usage, resulting in significant resource savings and reduced risk of CPU throttling and out-of-memory errors.


That's it!

Repeat Steps 2 and 3

StormForge machine learning will continuously analyze Kubernetes performance and utilization data and feed you recommendations for updated CPU, memory, and HPA target utilization on a daily basis (configurable to be more or less often). As additional data is observed over time, the platform continues to calculate new, higher quality recommendations.

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