The StormForge Platform

Automated & Intelligent Kubernetes Resource Right-sizing at Scale

Reduce cloud resource costs by 50% or more without risk to reliability or performance

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StormForge Platform Overview

StormForge uses patent-pending machine learning for pre-production scenario analysis and production optimization based on Kubernetes metrics, ensuring your Kubernetes environment is always operating at peak efficiency.

Advanced Machine Learning

StormForge is the only solution with patent-pending machine learning that can optimize Kubernetes for multiple, competing objectives such as performance and cost. StormForge makes it easy to see the trade-offs and make the right decisions for your business.

CostLatencyRecommendedOptimalBaselineTrialCurrent ConfigurationOptimal Configuration51%Avg. Cloud Cost ReductionOPTIMAL CONFIGURATION53%Avg. PerformanceImprovementOPTIMAL CONFIGURATION

Actionable Recommendations

StormForge maximizes the value of the observability data you’re already collecting, providing actionable insights to keep your production environment running efficiently. Minimize Kubernetes cost and resources, while still ensuring application performance.

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Intelligent Autoscaling

Machine learning analyzes actual usage and historical trends to predict future resource needs. StormForge scales pod size and also recommends HPA target utilization to enable intelligent bi-dimensional autoscaling and ensure efficiency without sacrificing application performance.

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A side by side of two graphs. Left one depicts wasted kubernetes resources. Right one depicts optimized kubernetes resource.
Recommended Trial: #57Duration480.00 (-47.77%)Cost177.26 (-20.94%)Export Config

In-depth Application Insights

Non-production scenario planning and rapid experimentation provide deep application insights that help drive architectural improvements. For example, you may find it’s better to run more replicas with smaller instances versus fewer, but larger replicas.

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Kubernetes Performance Testing

Load test your cloud native applications for performance and availability at scale, automated into your CI/CD workflow.

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Fits Into Your Ecosystem

StormForge is built as an open platform to work with any cloud, any CI/CD tool, any observability solution, and any codebase.

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Fast Time to Value

Fast and easy configuration for production optimization leveraging existing observability data. Start getting automated recommendations to improve efficiency and get your team out of the Kubernetes configuration, tuning, and troubleshooting business.

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Performance Testing

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