The StormForge Platform

Automated Kubernetes Resource Efficiency at Scale

Proactively ensure application performance and developer velocity while reducing cloud application costs by 50%+

StormForge Platform Overview

StormForge combines an open-source Rapid Experimentation Engine with patent pending machine learning to automatically explore and optimize the resource configuration of your app before deployment.

Visualize the Cost/Performance Trade-offs

StormForge is the only solution that can optimize for multiple, competing objectives such as performance and cost. StormForge makes it easy to see the trade-offs and make the right decisions for your business.

CostLatencyRecommendedOptimalBaselineTrialCurrent ConfigurationOptimal Configuration51%Avg. Cloud Cost ReductionOPTIMAL CONFIGURATION53%Avg. PerformanceImprovementOPTIMAL CONFIGURATION
Parameter and Optimized Metric pull outs from the StormForge UI

Predictive “What If” Analysis

StormForge shows you how your application will behave under realistic production scenarios, allowing you to proactively optimize for resource efficiency and performance.

Create realistic load with StormForge Performance Testing

Optimize for Your Business Goals Using Machine Learning

“Optimal” means different things to different organizations. StormForge patent-pending machine learning automatically finds the best configuration for your apps based on whatever business goals and metrics you choose.

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Recommended Trial: #57Duration480.00 (-47.77%)Cost177.26 (-20.94%)Export Config

Autoscale Intelligently

Tune the Horizontal Pod Autoscaler (HPA) for more intelligent autoscaling. Automatically and rapidly scale up your K8s pods to meet increases in demand, and automatically spin them down when demand wanes.

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Fits into Your Cloud-Native Ecosystem

StormForge is built as an open platform to work with any cloud, any CI/CD tool, any observability solution, and any codebase.

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Logos of vendors that integrate with StormForge including IBM, OpenShift, Promethus, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud, GitLab, Java, Rancher Labs, and DataDog

Fast Time to Value

  • Easy to use with automatic in-cluster resource scanning and guided optimization.
  • No YAML file editing required, and no need to be a Kubernetes guru.
  • Get up and running quickly and eliminate
    days or weeks of manual, trial-and-error
  • Focus on developing software, not tweaking, tuning, and troubleshooting Kubernetes.

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Performance Testing

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Application Optimization

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